About Derek Hobbs

I have been exploring coffee as an artistic medium since 1999, it has become the ground from which all my paintings are built on. Love the color, love the smell, and the way it moves across canvas. It's what I like to refer to as "A Happy Accident" sometimes those are the best discoveries.

I grew up in Woodland Ca. and with the guidance of my High Scholl art teacher and constant support of family I was able to have the opportunity to attend CCAC " California College of Arts and Crafts" in North Oakland from 1994-1998.

I majored in illustration and was constantly playing around with different mediums such as oil, watercolor, color pencil, ink, etching, and sculpture. It was at CCAC that one of my professors gave an assignment that I believe started my interest in pulling up 2 or more images at once within the same picture plane.

About Coffee Spills and Artwork

The coffee technique I've been developing uses transparent layers to create a veil of texture through which multiple images can be weaved together and superimposed to create 1 work of art. After the line drawing is fixed to the canvas it takes about 7 coffee spills before I begin to define and block the images in with the assistance of acrylic paint. Every piece takes approx. 30-40 hours to complete, as I step out of the paint I like to re-spill more coffee and add actual coffee grounds and beans onto the surface for some texture and help weave the image back into the spills.

The most commonly asked question is "what kind of coffee do you use?" Well any kind will do and of course the formula is a proprietary secret of sorts developed through trial and error. What kind of coffee do you use?

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